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Prospective Parents

Commitment to Excellence

Academic Excellence

With Iowa test scores that are 15% higher than the state average, Saint Rose produces graduates that are ready to excel during their high school career.

The experienced teaching staff averages over 17 years in education and provides challenging work and a diverse curriculum for your child. Our focus is upon the well being and the development of the whole child, through growing a student's faith, rigor in learning and service to others. The principals at local high schools have routinely acknowledged the strong academic performance and good behavior associated with Saint Rose graduates. Past Saint Rose graduates have demonstrated their ability to perform at the top level within high school.

Small Class Size

Saint Rose School currently has the lowest teacher to pupil ration in the area. If your child could benefit from a small class size then Saint Rose School can provide your child with the special attention they need. Students benefit because the teachers are able to invest time with students when they need an extra challenge or need that extra help to understand a subject.

High School Preparation

Graduates of Saint Rose School begin their high school career with the distinct advantage of having completed several 5 plus page research papers. The students will not need to struggle through the mechanics of constructing their high school papers and can focus on exceptional content. Saint Rose actively participates in Illinois Science Fair competition fostering scientific thought and writing skills. Students in grades 6-8 are taught popular personal computer software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Gaining mastery of these packages provides key skills that your child will use throughout their high school and college careers. Students at Saint Rose are provided many opportunities to develop public speaking skills. As lectors, song leaders, and readers, students hone these skills and learn to overcome fears. Students are also involved in sports and drama.

Encourage Catholic Identity and Spiritual Formation

Saint Rose School provides an environment where God and Jesus are discussed in the classroom. It provides a comprehensive education of your child that goes beyond academics to include spiritual formation and faith beliefs and firm guideposts that will strengthen your child. The contributions of the Church and the saints are not lost in the study of history. Current events are discussed and Catholic beliefs are reinforced.

Children learn about holidays in full religious context. The celebration of Christmas is the preparation during advent, the birth of Christ and the whole Christmas story. During the Easter season, Saint Rose children are taught not only about the resurrection of Christ but also about the period of Lent. Education of Halloween is more than witches and ghosts because it also includes the religious context of All Souls Day.

Saint Rose School has experienced teachers who are practicing Catholics who instruct your child in the catholic tradition. Your child is educated in the catechism and prepared to receive the seven sacraments. Through regular attendance at weekly mass, St. Rose students are provided a regular study of the gospels and receipt of Eucharist. Reconciliation is offered to students on a regular basis during Advent, and Lent thereby infusing the catholic religion into your child’s daily life. Children are encouraged to act as Disciples of Christ.